Friday, 12 September 2014

Photos from my trip to Scotland - A Boathouse in Avoch.

Hey Guys!
I'm super sorry I have been gone for so long - No WiFi.but all is good now!
A few weeks ago now I went away for a weeks break with my dad to Scotland as I have never been before and Dad really wanted to show me how beautiful it was!
I was very very lucky and stayed in a stunning boathouse in Avoch on the Black Isle in Scotland.
The boathouse was within Rosehaugh Estate which is privately owned and holds a lot of history and beauty.
The day we arrived was pretty gloomy but even then it was still evident how amazing the trip would be.
We were amazed by just how much space there was!
Driving up to the property we were welcomed by the amazing lake,the huge oak building and a little stream alongside it - Crazy.

After taking a few pictures of the property I decided to take myself of to bed ready for the next day,after all 9 hours sat in a car is pretty tiring!
The next day we took a drive into the local city Inverness which was beautiful!
I took a few snaps while we there but I have to be honest most of the day consisted of me stuffing my face with pastries and sweets from the little sweet shop (and a sneaky stop at lush - oops)
A few days later we took a little drive down to Avoch harbour which was beyond windy,I was pretty terrified I was going to get blown away to be honest ha.
( ^ A Super pretty lighthouse in Fort Rose)
 We also took a visit to Cromarty which is at the top of the Black Isle.
It is a lovely little town which is full of history and is just super pretty!
How sweet is this Ice Cream / Milkshake shop?
It was full with bunting and polka dot straws,I wish I got a chance to go here again!
(I really need to stop taking photo's of random benches!)
Later in the evening we went for a walk round the boathouse grounds,
something that beautiful has to be ventured into!



(How beautiful are these horses?)
One day we took a visit to a little home dairy which was home to these adorable little dog!
She followed us as soon as we pulled in at the little gate and chased us with her toy,super cute.
After we went to the dairy Dad decided since we had drove pretty far out and the weather was nice we should drive further out to the Isle of sky - which was beyond gorgeous.

One of the last things we did while we were in Scotland was one of my favourites,
you may have guessed by now I really enjoy going to zoo's so of course we had to visit the amazing Highland Wildlife Park which has the UK's ONLY polar bears!
(Caught the tigers just after dinner time so of course they were all asleep or not looking at the camera - divas!)


At this point I got superrr excited...
And then down came the heavy Scotland storm clouds full of hail !

So even though we were getting soaked and freezing,
the polar bears loved it!
They were both just dicing around in the pool and play fighting which was so amazing to watch,just the sheer size of them and the noises they were making was so scary.
(A slight side note I was so so happy to see that there enclosure was huge so they had plenty of room,one thing I always hate about zoo's is small enclosures)

How Beautiful is he?
Made dad stop so I could take this picture of the stag as all the others were hiding due to the rain!
& That was near enough the trip!
I did also visit lochness which was incredible but I very stupidly forgot my cameras SD card when we went grr.
I do have some video footage which I'm thinking about turning into a youtube video alongside with some of my pictures so I shall keep you updated!

I Honestly couldn't recommend Scotland as a break enough!
It was breathtaking with its beauty and history,and I would love to visit again in the winter.
Thank you to Dad for taking me to stay at such a beautiful place,
I have attached the link is here so you guys can see the price of hiring the boathouse as I know alot of you would love it just as much as I did!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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