Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Go To Spring/Summer Hair !

Hi Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I have had quite a few compliments on my hair recently (with my awful roots and all !)
Some of you may know I used to have cropped hair so for the last year I have been trying to grow it out,so having gone through part of the awkward growing out period - also with the help of keratin extensions,I have learnt along the way different ways to keep your hair looking cute !
The summer is usually full of girls wearing there hair in boho styles with loose waves and floral crowns and I always feel left out with my short hair,but recently I found two hair styles that hopefully will take me through the summer without any jealousy (athough extensions have already been spoke about Oops.)
Boho Up Do.
Leaving part of my fringe out I took the rest of my fringe and plaited it back into the rest of my hair and secured it at the back with bobby pins and did the same on the other side.
Then I curl any hair left out into cute little curls.
This is a super quick style BUT looks adorable!
(Also looks fab with flower clips)

Curly Half Up,Half Down Hair.
I like to do this with day old hair as it holds the curl a lot better.
I do a similar process as the first but i pull two strands of hair from each side and plait it round and secure it at the back.
I then just curl all my hair and then comb through with my fingers to make it look a bit more relaxed.
For the summer I could imagine sucuring this with daisy hair clips would be really cute!
So for all you girls with short hair ?
Don't be getting hair envy this summer!
I am also curious if anyone would like to see how keratin hair extensions helped me grow my hair out from a cropped cut?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon!

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