Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tuesday Transformation - Soft Valentines Look.


Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
So for today's Tuesday transformation I decided to create a soft valentines look.
I thought I would start with a soft,more natural look and then next Tuesday upload a bit more of a dramatic look!

I started with using a matte nude shade over the lid and up towards the crease.
I then took a bit more of an iridescent nudey shade (which isn't showing up very well on camera - boo) across the whole lid put applying more on the inner part of the eye.

I then took a taupey pink shimmer shade an lightly applied this in the outer corner of the eye to add a bit more colour to the eye.
These kind of colour create a really pretty natural soft eye BUT start applying the colour a little bit of a time to be sure to not over do it...
No one wants there eye makeup to look like you've got a black eye after all.

Just to add more definition to the eye for a bit more of a 'flirty' look I then took a matte taupe shade and blended this into the crease and outer V,and applied a tinyyy bit of a more cranberry shimmer shade into the crease (but I really do mean only a little to avoid that black eye look we are not going for!)

Then just to finish the eye shadows I took the first iridescent shade I used,and applied this in the inner corner again just to highlight the eyes a little and make the eyes POP.

I finished with a brown eye liner in the water line - brown is a great alternative for the water line,to make a look a lot softer.
Then I took my liquid liner on the top lash line,I then decided then to create a flick at the end to create the illusion of flirty eyes.
Then I curled my lashes and applied my Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara (which may I add is the best mascara ever

I wore Collections Deluxe Lipstick In Shade #2 Tallulah which is a beautiful dusky rose shade - which is totally different for me but I think it looks amazing with this look.

To complete the look I decided to wear my hair down and straight.
My fringe natural curls in on itself,so I never have poker straight hair but I think this suits the look.
This is next day hair,which i think is easier to style anyway,but I straightened all my hair inwards and then added volume at the roots to create this cute look!

So there it is - My Soft Valentines Look.
Hope You All like it!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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