Thursday, 18 July 2013

How did I get My Little Pony/Pastel Hair?

   Hey Guys!
       Hope your all well?       
Today I'm going to let you all in on my pastel hair journey (with some strange facial expressions along the way - sorry!) as there's so many of these on the internet BUT very few give a realistic and honest colour progression and tell you what really happens to the colour of your hair.

So I started of with dark brown/black hair.
Which I may add normally I would never attempt going blonde at home but in simple terms ?
I was too impatient and skint to wait and go to the salon,which I may also add is the absolute best way to go around it!
That infact reminds me that this post in no way is me trying to say I'm a hairdresser or colour technician or know what i'm going on about but I've been dying my hair since I was 15 so fair to say I know what a pain in the ass colouring hair is!

So to strip the majority of this colour and any other colour build up I used Jerome Russell B blonde bleach kit which you can find at boots or superdrug.

Now before you look at the next photo with horror I have been dying my hair black/brown for well over a year now so there was ALOT of colour buildup as there was red and blue under there too..eek!

So after one bleach I looked like a racoon and my roots were platinum already which was not good,
but a top tip if your going to do this..
Leave your roots until last
I ignored this instruction and now am left with crazy light roots even now!
So,i then left it an hour and put on another lot of bleach - again bad idea but my hair was in good condition.

The second bleach then gave me lightining white roots and orange hair! 

So naughty old me put another bleach on,a lighter hair dye and then a toner.
And got this result.
Not bad right ? Pretty Platinum?

No! This is how they trick you online,they pull there hair back usually,
and don't show that the ends are still orange/brassy!
At this point I knew I needed to give my hair a rest so I decided I'd wear my hair up for a few weeks to give it a relax and didn't use any heat on it whats so ever,as my hair was very very dry!

After a week or so, I decided 'stuff it!' and brought a purple semi permanent pastel dye and passed it through my fringe,round my ears and the nape of my neck.
This was when I first fall in love with my new pastel hair!

The only issue though is that these semi permant dyes literally work like 12 washes max,so you have to keep topping it up (so in future I will be using directions and pastel'ing it down with conditioner) 

By the time the purple had faded down to near enough none existant I decided I'd lighten my hair some more and attempt to go the whole 'my little pony' way and add 3 colours in my hair.

And ive got to say...
My hairs still a tad brassy so I'm using a purple shampoo and using masks on it to try and pick up its condition.
But overall,I'm really happy with it.

But something tells me,roll on the colder weather?
My Hair will be Chocolate brown instead...

Fading a little now..

So hope you guy's liked this post - aside from all the crazy facial expressions I pull.. eek!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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