Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Little Yellow Duck Project.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I was browsing through facebook when I fall upon a project called - The Little Yellow Duck Project.
And for those who know me well,I have always loved ducks so this project  caught my attention..
(Yep this is a lush bath with my 'pilot' rubber duck I got for christmas hehe)
The Little Yellow Duck Project is highlighting acts of random kindness in the form of Blood,Bone Marrow,Organ and Tissue Donations.
The project is showing that all acts of kindness have the ability to bring happines but certain forms of kidness also have the ability to save lifes - as I know all too well.
This is a worldwide project which urges people to create cute little handmade ducks and leave them in public places for a gift for the public to find.
            Lisa van Klaveren 

The ducks are left with a tag attached which directs them to The Little Yellow Duck Project's website and informs them of the reasoning behind the cute little duck!

As a donor recipient I think this is a lovely idea and I can only imagine peoples faces when finding these adorable little ducks.
I thought I would share this with you all as you all know I am a 3 x Liver Transplant recipient and I'm always looking for ways to promote organ donation and amazingly you all always ask how you can help..
I follow a great range of people here on Talking Transplants, From all over the world and all of us are creative!
So why not join in with this amazing project and bring happiness to others while targeting a very important topic.
Clare and ducksmall
The story of how the project was set up is one that is all too close to home after knowing so many people pass away while waiting for a transplant.
The project was inspired by a lady called Clare was born with cystic fibrosis,  and by the age of 24, her lungs were so damaged that a transplant was her only hope.Sadly a matching donor was never found and despite a long fight, she passed away on April 15th 2013 aged 26.
So come on my lovelies!
Your all very crafty and creative so lets help out this amazing project and try and make a difference.
Do comment bellow if you join in or tweet me over at @TransplantKate_ and be sure to go and check out the projects website too
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lush Review - The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday the sun was shining and as it got later I thought it was time to unwind with a nice bath.
As summer is here I tend to lean more towards floral and fruity scents,so I picked up one of my old favourites up from lush last sunday.

The Comforter is a monster bubble bar and a very appealing price of £4.50 !
The Comforter smells just like blackcurrants and is very uplifting and super softening on the skin.

For these huge bubble bars you don't need much at all (I wouldn't follow Lush's advice of half a bubble bar,you will be scooping bubbles of the bathroom floor!)
I recently used the comforters sister - Brightside. And by using this amount each time,sometimes less It lasted my over 4 weeks !

You then crumble it underneath running water and your left with fragrant bubbles (and not as much crumbled product on the top of your bath like I have here - oops.)

And Voila !
You Have a super fruity summery bath.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Transformation Tuesday : A Quick Easy Green & Golden Summer Look ! (Eyes & Nails!)

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all okay?
For today's tuesday transformation I thought I would share a super simple summer look with you - including a make up look AND nails!
For this very simple but very pretty summer eye look I used my new Garden Of Eden Pallette by Sleek,which is so pigmented and gorgeous!

I started by applying Adams Apple,The Lightest Green across the entire lid for the base.
Since this is a super simple eye I took a tiny bit of Fig,Which has a golden hue to it over the top of the previous base. And very gently applied a tiny bit of Fauna - a darker metallic green into the outer V to create abit more definition.
I then took the darkest matte green in the palette and lined the top lash line to just finish of the look.

I then applied my Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara onto my curled lashes!
And that was the eyes!
If you wanted to make this a more dramatic eye look you could add some more of fauna into the crease to darken the eyes and I would also suggest Collections Glam Crystals in Funk if you like glitter too!
On the lips I applied Loreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Eve (I thought it was aptly named with the pallette I was using hehe).

On the nails I used Barry M Aquariam Collection's Nail Paints.
 Arabian - A Duochrome Green/Blue
 Mermaid - A Chunky Glitter in Blue,Green and Cold

So That is my Simple Green & Golden Summer Look!
Hope you all like!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash REVIEW

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today while doing a quick shop I found this little beauty and just had to share it with you all as soon as I got home!
 I spotted this L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Shade 400 Eve which is a Beautiful purple shade.
After reading about these before and being a dupe of ysl's glossy stains I just had to give this a try.
I was intrigued by the fact it is a stain but has the finish of a gloss
These are £7.99 each,but as we scanned this one it was only £2 !
Bargain which I will be going back to stock up on as I have fell in love with it.
The product itself is packaged in this expensive looking gold packaging with a clear part to show you the shade of the lip gloss.
The applicator is a tear drop shape and I was curious to see how this worked applying the product onto the lips (It did perfectly.)

This shade is so perfect,it is a berry purple I would say.
This is with around 3 layers of the product on to give this opaqueness but as you can see it isn't lacking lusture at all!
I love the finish apart from the filmy kind of texture it leaves on the lips but for the lasting power I can easily tolerate that.
I applied this and ate and drank and it was still perfect for up to 2 hours (and that was only because I removed my makeup!)
I also loved that when you remove this product it doesn't leave the stain on the lip,in the past it has put me of stains as they leave a ungodly colour to your lips once all your makeups off - but this product is totally different.

I played around with eve and put it over Collections Little Mix Lipstick in Perrie,and I think it creates a beautiful pairing.
I think this way you get the long lasting advantage with a much more opaque colour which is fab for a night out!
I really want to try some more of these now as I have well and truely fall in love with Eve!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I decided to review MUA's Undress your skin highlighter.
I have heard nothing but rave reviews about so i thought for £3 I'd give it a shot.
From the images I'd seen online for some reason I thought that this was a small compact but it actually has 7.5g of Product in great for the price of it!

This higlighter is fab !
It gives a beautiful glow to wherever you need it,perfect for the brow bone,down the bridge of your nose and on the tops of your cheeks.
It has great pigmentation for such a cheap product.
(Few Swipes)
I do prefer to apply it with my fingers then with a brush as it seems to appear more pigmented on the face that way,then you can blend it out with a brush.
I do prefer my sleek contour pallette and the highlight in that BUT I think this is fab for highlight the brow bone and also great for people starting of with makeup and there collection due to the low price!
I'm hoping I start to like this the more I use it as everyone else seems to love it!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Glam Crystals Gel Liner REVIEW

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Last october I was searching for some glitter for halloween when I fall upon Collection's Glam Crystals.
Glam crystals are a gel glitter liner and are very pigmented and versatile!
I use them in  two different ways,so I thought I would share these £2.99 Beauties with you all!

Top to Bottom :
Le Freak
Turquoise Liner with small Green and Blue glitter.

Dancing Queen
Red Liner with Pink and Iridescent Glitters.
Little Mix Range - Perrie (Rock Chick)
Black Liner with Chunky Black Matte Peices and Small Silver Glitter
Silver Liner with Green,Purple and Blue Irridescent Glitters.
Little Mix LeighAnne (Funk)
Gold Liner with small Gold Glitter.
 The two way's I like to use these liners is to either simply line the top lash line/water line with them to make my eyes pop.
Or I like to put it on my ring finger and dab it across the whole lid,you can do this over your finished eye makeup for some glitz or can also let it dry and keep building it up for a thicker layer of glitter!
I layered up Dancing queen over a black smokey eye here at Haloween!

Here I dabbed some Le freak over my finished Ariel look for a perfect Mermaid Look!

Here I applied Dancing queen a long the top lash line the lightly dabbed it into the outer corner to finish of this special occasion smokey eye.

And Here I simply lined the inner top lash line!
I honestly can't recommend Glam Crystals enough,and for £2.99 there a great dupe for Urban Decays Heavy Metal Glitters - I am defiantly after the purple and the rest of this collection!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Transformation Tuesday : Daisy Duck.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So It has been ages since I have done a Tuesday Transformation!
But I'm finaly back with Daisy Duck.
Daisy Duck is known for being super sassy!
I have always loved her and when I got a top with her face expressions on from primark it seemed like the perfect transformation tuesday.
(had to wear a daisy duck lilac jumper too ha ha)
Daisy has a very simple purple shade across the whole lid so it makes it a fab spring look for those of you who dont often wear eye shadow,but I did use three shades in this look just for abit mroe depth!
I used my Loreal Color Infalliablle's in Innocent Turquois,Sassy Marshmallow and Naughty Strawberry.
I started by lightly applying Naughty Strawberry across the lid with my ring finger very lightly as base.
Then I applied Sassy Marshmallow into the outer part of the eye and blended the two together lightly with a blending blush.
Then with the same blending blush I took Naughty Strawberry again and applied it to the outer V and blended it out and down towards the tear duct.
Then I just took a light lilac shadow I had and blended this into the outer V over the previous colour to add that purple look daisy has,and also took this under the eye.
I applied liquid liner to the upper lid but stopped it at the outer part of my eye as daisy has very simple eyes but long lashes,so all you want to do is make the ellusion of thicker lashes.
I applied white & purple liner to the bottom waterline.
Then I curled my lashes and applied Rimmels Lash Accelerator mascara (fab stuff!) and applied a little bit of Collections Clam crystals in Hustle on the inner top lash line to add a more wide eye look!
And there it is!
Daisy Duck.
Just pair this with a nude lip and you've got a quick and easy spring look.


 Stay Safe & Speak Soon.